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Answer Battle 50 Rounds – PowerPoint Trivia Game


We’ve picked our favorite 50 Answer Battle rounds and compiled them into this one MEGAPACK. 

Format: Powerpoint

Included in this Download:

  • Answer Battel 50 Rounds – Basic (Mac and PC)
  • Answer Battel 50 Rounds  – with Scoreboard (Newer Mac and PC)
  • Printable Answer Guide PDS

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Answer Battle 50 Rounds


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*PowerPoint 2018 or newer is required for the scoreboard to work


💻 You can use this for your Virtual Party in Zoom or Skype! Check out this video showing you how:

🎉 With this template, you can EASILY create your own night gameshow!

✅ We’ve handpicked our FAVORITE 50 questions! These are all really fun and work for both Youth and Adults. Fun for all ages!


– Name Something People Are Often Chased By In Movies
– If You Met The Real Prince Charming, How Would You Know It Was Him?
– Name Something That A Man Had Better Not Take Along On His Honeymoon
– Name A Cartoon / Animated Movie That Makes You Cry

Since a 45 min game usually only uses about 5 questions, you could use this same template for 10 different events!

🔟 Each round can have up to 10 answers (other templates have only 8)

🎵 It includes great graphics, a theme song, interactive sound effects, custom questions, etc.

🥇 It also has a Lightning Round.

💻 To see it in action, or learn how to make edits, watch this video:

🍎 Teachers all over the world are loving this game, and using it for study time, test review, parties, end of the year games, etc.

☑️ It can also be used for corporate trainings, ministries, classrooms, board rooms, family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, rehearsal dinners, Christmas parties, etc.

✏️ All the questions and answers are fully customizable so you can replace any of the current questions & answers, etc to fit your setting. The LOGO however is too complex to be edited in PowerPoint unless you’re some sort of PowerPoint wizard!

✅ Included in the download:
– Answer Battle Basic (Mac and PC)
– Answer Battle with Scoreboard (Newer Mac and PC)
– Printable Answer Guide PDF

📌 NOTE: The “Auto Scoreboard” version should would great on PowerPoint for PC and newer (Office 365) PowerPoint on Macs, but unfortunately it won’t work on older versions of PowerPoint or iPad.

⛔️ It will not work with Keynote or Google slides. If you don’t have PowerPoint, you can download a FREE 30 day trial here:

📱 It will also work great on an iPad if you have the actual PowerPoint app (free) on your iPad.
When using an iPad, you can mirror to the big screen with an AppleTV and it works great!

🔥 Refunds? If you don’t love it, I’ll refund it!

You could also use things like:
– Zoom
– ezTalks Meetings
– Skype
– Microsoft Teams
– Google Hangouts
– WebEx
– GoToMeeting
– ReadyTalk
– OnStream Meeting


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