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Powder Balloon Blow

This is hilarious game called Powder Balloon Blow is a Youth Ministry Ideas original. I remember making this game up back in my early youth ministry days.

The basic idea is to fill balloons with some sort of powder (baby powder, flour, etc) and connect it to a tube. Players try to blow up the balloon that is hanging over their opponent’s head. Obviously, the person who inflates the balloon fastest and powder’s their opponents head is the winner.


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To play the game with 2 players, you will need:

  • 2 regular size balloons (bigger than water balloons)
  • Enough baby powder or flour to fill each un-inflated balloon
  • 2 pieces of vinyl tubing (about 4′ in length each)

What we’ve found works best for the tubing is using around 1/2″ in diameter. If it gets much smaller, it’s hard to blow air through. This clear vinyl tubing should do the trick.

Regarding the tube length, you’re going to want to cut a piece of tubing that is long is long enough to extend from player 1’s mouth to above player 2’s head. I would suggest using at least 4 feet per tube.

On the tubing, leave the first end open. This will be where the player places his or her mouth. Then on the second end, this is where you will duct tape a balloon that has been filled with powder.

A great way to get powder in to a balloon is using an empty plastic water bottle. You first fill the plastic water bottle with power, then place the mouth of the bottle in to the balloon and squeeze. If you need helpĀ watch this video to see how it’s done.

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