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Bad Dog Circle Game

Bad Dog – also called “swat” or “can’t catch me” – this game is a high energy mixer and everyone has a lot of fun.

Here’s how you play:

All players sit in a circle on the floor. A upside down trash can is on the floor in the middle of the circle. One player (A) is also in the middle. He selects a player (B) out of the circle and gently taps him with a rolled-up newspaper, then puts on top of the trash can. He then goes to sit in player B’s position. After player B is tapped, he runs behind player A, tries to grab the newspaper off the trash can and tap player A before player A gets to player B’s place. If player B can tap player A, player A must stay in the middle and play continues. If player A sets the newspaper down but it falls off the trash can, player A must pick it up and try again.


You can also play with a pillow or a pool noodle cut in half


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