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Jungle Pong

Jungle pong is a super fun ping pong game (that everyone in the group can play regardless of skill level) where the ball can bounce off the ground, walls, ceiling, etc.

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The game is kind of like run-around ping pong, with a few major differences:

  1. The ball has to hit the ground before you hit it back on the table
  2. The ball can land anywhere on the table and bounce as many times as you want. It can even roll and stop (and you can dislodge it by blowing on it…

How to play:

  • The object of this game is to be the last player left standing. Players are eliminated by scoring a number of points determined before the game (usually 1-5). Thus, the goal is to not score points.
  • All you need is a ping-pong table and ball, one paddle for each player, hard ground (tile or cement rather than carpet) and at least 2 people. The game can be played with or without the net, but taking the net off tends to keep the game moving faster because the ball doesn’t get stuck as often.
  • Before starting the game, everyone should number off to establish play order. This is most easily done by forming a circle around the table. Each player will always hit after the same person – Player 1, then Player 2, then 3, etc. This order will only change when players are eliminated from the game.
  • To play, the first player (1) will serve the ball to the second player (2). There are many variations on serving, but what matters is that the ball hits the table at least twice and goes directly across to Player 2’s side. Player 2 will then let the ball bounce off the table, bounce once on the ground, and then attempt to hit the ball back onto the table before it bounces again. If he is successful and the ball bounces at least once on the table, player 3 will then do the same, running around the table to wherever the ball hits the ground and hitting it back onto the table. The ball can only hit the ground once, and players can only hit the ball once (they can’t bobble it around to get in position for a slam).
  • There are a number of ways to score points. If a player does not hit the ball before it bounces a second time on the ground, he receives a point. If a player hits the ball back toward the table but misses and the ball hits the ground before hitting the table, he receives a point. All surfaces are in play – the ball may bounce off the ceiling, a wall, random objects, etc.
  • When a player is eliminated, the player who hit to that player each round will then serve it to the player next in order. For example, when Player 2 is eliminated, Player 1 will serve to Player 3. Play then continues in this order and is similarly changed each time a player is eliminated. The game is over when only one player is left.

Things to change it up a bit:

There are all kinds of variations on Jungle Pong, and feel free to make up your own! Some people take off their shoes and play with them instead of paddles!

Add obstacles on the table (pool rack, paddles of people who get out, green turtle shells, etc.)

Punishments for people who lose…)

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