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Black Light Puppet Show

Our church has a massive harvest festival every year with literally 1000’s of people that come from the community. But this year, instead of just handing out candy, we wanted to do something fun that would share the love and message of God with our visitors. So we decided to do a black light neon puppet show.

We chose to do it to an edited version of Veggietale’s “God is Bigger Than The BoogieMan.” We took out a few things from the original audio to make it work better for a puppet show. It worked perfectly for Halloween because it deals with being scared, and other Halloween themes that kids think about on Halloween. The section we chose was also perfect because it had funny dialogue that our puppets could easily act out and kids could easily follow.

We had 6 actors, some fun puppets and some homemade props. The audience absolutely loved it.

Most of the props were made out of neon poster boards and black foam poster boards from the dollar store.

Most of the props were made out of neon poster board.

We did this in a separate room from the carnival. We had a booth in the carnival with a big poster that had the showtimes (we did a 6 min show every 30 minutes). We also had glow sticks on the table, and told people they’d get a free one when they went to the puppet show. Lastly, we had a bunch of invisible ink pens and highlighters on the table that people could write on themselves with, so that when they went in to the puppet show, they could see the writings on themselves. This helped draw people out of the carnival, and in to the puppet show.

We did 4 showings and each one of them was packed!

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Photos of props

We put black lights in a rain gutter and placed the gutter on some music stands in front of the puppet stage. We also had some black lights hanging from the ceiling.

The “God is Bigger” light up sign up made out of Christmas lights, poking through a piece of masonite wood. I projected the words on the board with a projector, traced them, then drilled a hole every inch, and pushed the lights through the back.


God is Bigger sign from the back. Just simple Christmas lights through a board.



Download the script and the background song here:

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