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Wheel of Fortune Powerpoint Game



The Best Wheel of Fortune Style Powerpoint Template on the Internet – Wheel of Winning

Designed in 2017, this is the best free customizable Wheel of Fortune style powerpoint template game on the internet. It has a toss up round, animated spinning wheel, the theme song, sound effects, updated graphics, etc. The boards come blank, so you can add in your own custom phrases for your ministry, class room, family reunion, training meeting, etc.  It is simple to edit, and sure to be a big hit.

More details

In this template, there are 4 rounds but you can easily add more rounds. There are also a couple “sample” slides which give you an idea of how the slides should look when you’re done editing them. View the tutorial on how to set up the game below.

If you want people to be able to BUZZ IN, here are some simple game buzzers from amazon, and here is a super cool high tech wireless set if you’ve got the resources to get them 🙂

People often ask if I am able to do customizations for them (adding their company logo, their specific phrases, etc.) If you would like some custom work done, please email me at

Wheel of Fortune Powerpoint Template Features:

Fully Interactive Animations

Animated Responsive Wheel

Official Sound Effects

Fully Customizable Board to create your own game.

Download Size: 20mb

Format: Powerpoint

Price: Donate if you want to 🙂

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Download the Standard Version: (PC and MAC)

Download the Pop Culture Version: (PC and MAC)

Download the Scoreboard Version: (PC only)

Note: This game template is not endorsed by, or affiliated in any way with the TV game show, “Wheel of Fortune”.

You can check out Wheel of Fortune’s Official Website here.

Editing the Wheel of Winning Powerpoint Template – Tutorial:

The first minute is just a preview of what the file looks like.
Go to :50 for download instructions.
Go to 3:35 for instructions on how to edit and customize the file. Enjoy.

Here are the devices we’ve found that help this game work best:

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