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Bridal Shower Answer Battle – Aesthetic Eucalyptus Leaves Theme


Our beloved Bridal Shower game but with an aesthetic Eucalyptus leaf theme.  It’s sure to be a hit at your virtual or in person Bridal Shower.

Format: Powerpoint

Included in this Download:

  • Bridal Shower Answer Battle Leaves Theme – Basic (Mac and PC)
  • Bridal Shower Answer Battle Leaves Theme  – with Scoreboard (Newer Mac and PC)
  • Printable Answer Guide

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Baby Shower Answer Battel Leaves Theme


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*PowerPoint 2018 or newer is required for the scoreboard to work


💻 You can use this for your Virtual Party! Check out this video showing you how:

💜 This Bridal Shower Answer Battle Trivia Powerpoint game is sure to be a big hit at the Bridal Shower.

🌟 It has 15 rounds like:

– Most common wedding guest complaints
– Common Wedding Tradition or Superstition
– Name a Popular First Dance Song for Millennials
– Common small appliance given at wedding shower
– Tell Me Someone You Hire For A Wedding, etc.

🔟 Each round has up to 10 answers (other templates have only 8)

✏️ The questions and answers are fully customizable so you can replace any of them to fit your setting.

🎵 It even has fun sound effects and a theme song

🥇 It also has a Lightning Round.

💻 To see one of my similar templates in action, and learn how to make edits, watch this tutorial:

✅ Included in the download:
– Bridal Shower Basic (Mac and PC)
– Bridal Shower with Scoreboard (Mac and PC w NEW PowerPoint)
– Printable Answer Key.pdf (For the host or person running the slide show)

📌 NOTE: The “Auto Scoreboard” version is brand new, and I’m still testing it out. It should would great on PowerPoint for PC and newer (Office 365) PowerPoint on Macs, but unfortunately it won’t work on older versions of PowerPoint for MAC.

⛔️ It will not work with Keynote or Google slides. If you don’t have PowerPoint, you can download a FREE 30 day trial here:

📱It will also work great on an iPad if you have the actual PowerPoint app (free) on your iPad.

When using an iPad, you can mirror to the big screen with an AppleTV and it works great!

🔥Refunds? If you don’t love it, I’ll refund it!

You could also use things like:
– Zoom
– ezTalks Meetings
– Skype
– Microsoft Teams
– Google Hangouts
– WebEx
– GoToMeeting
– ReadyTalk
– OnStream Meeting

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