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Mattress Rollers

Split everyone into teams of 5-8 kids and give each team a mattress. Instruct the teams to select one person to be the surfer. Everyone else are the “rollers.” Line up the teams at one end of a large room and have the rollers lay side-by-side underneath that mattress with the surfer on top. When you start the race, all the “rollers” roll together toward the opposite end of the room, carrying their surfer on top. In order to make it across, when the last roller is free that person jumps up and lays down in front of the mattress and continues to roll until he/she is the last roller, at which point they repeat the process again. The surfer may not touch the ground at any time. If they do, the team must go back to the starting line and start over. The first team to reach the opposite wall and return back to the starting line wins. Any pushing or pulling of the mattress if strictly prohibited. Game by @timschmoyer over at #youthministryideas #stumin #youthministrygames

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