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Egg Roulette

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This game’s been around. They play it on talk shows, hold championships, and it’s popular in youth groups around the world.


  1. A raw egg
  2. Hard boiled eggs (five of them)

How to Play:

Bring up two volunteers. Give them six eggs. Five are hard boiled. One is raw. They take turns selecting eggs and cracking them over their own heads. First one to find the raw egg loses.

Pro Tips:

  1. Make sure you cook your eggs all the way.
  2. Predict clean up. Bring towels. Cover the floor with cut trashbags. You can make trash bag parkas too if you like but I think the mess is part of the fun.
  3. Don’t let them crack eggs ON the other person’s head. Eggs can hurt if there’s enough force behind them.


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