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SnapChallenge Christmas Edition



This edition of SnapChallenge features hilarious snap drawings of some of our favorite Christmas characters (Elf, Frozen, etc.). This game is perfect for a Christmas party!

This fun, fast-moving Snapchat-themed game will test your students’ short-term memories by asking them questions about a funny Snapchat doodle image that disappears after 5 seconds. Can be used as an upfront game, a team/table game, or an individual game.

• Game instructions
• Reproducible game score sheet (pdf file)
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Individual game slides (jpeg files)

More details

There are 10 rounds, each with a different question and answer. Then there is a tie breaker at the end.

The slide show needs to be advanced manually, except for the slide with the photo. This will advance automatically once the picture countdown expires

Game Features:

Photo disappears after countdown

Photographic Memory Questions

Multiple Choice Answers

Hilarious Photos

Creative Drawings

Printable Score Cards Included

Download Size: 15mb

Format: Powerpoint (widescreen)

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