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One – Two – Look! – Cham Cham Cham Game

Check out this easy game that requires no supplies and is sure to get tons of laughs.

It’s called “One-Two-Look” or in other countries, it’s called Cham Cham Cham.

Here is how you play. 2 players face each other, and player 1 points at player 2’s face and says “one, two, look.” And on the word “look” they point in a direction. They can point up, down, left, or right. Right when player 1 says “look,” player two has to choose a direction to look. If player 2 looks the same direction that player 1 points, then player 2 loses the round. If he looks a different direction, he wins the round and now player 2 does the pointing. Many people play that the first person to win 2 rounds is the winner of the match.

In order to decided who goes first, many people play a round of rock, paper, scissors to decide.

You could also do it the way many people have done “Rock Paper Scissors Tournaments” in large gatherings where people face someone next to them, and if they lose they sit down, and all the winners find another winner, until there are only a few winners left. Bring the winners on stage and let them battle it out.

Here is a free background graphic to put on the screen while you play!

Free background graphic to put on the screen while you play. (Right click the image and save)

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